I wanted to share Millie’s bedroom for a while now… but, it always seems like there was more to do, more to decorate, a project to finish, something to organize, etc etc…. so, here it is! Definitely a work in progress, and definitely a little “lived in”;  a little clutter, bite marks on the crib and all […]

I loved these from Phil ( PJ) and Carolyn’s maternity session this December… I JUST photographed their little newborn ( Baby Grace) and it made me think about sharing these beautiful photos! Enjoy!

Here is one shot from last week’s wedding. Congrats to Meghan and Devon! x  

Hi All! Thanks for all of your continued patience while my power is out! National Grid stopped by the house today, and they think late tonight or tomorrow I will be back online and in fully functioning editing action. 🙂 Happy Halloween! I have about $30 worth of Candy, and a street that most kids […]

  Recently, I met with Olivia and KC in the Public Gardens. I have to tell you… Olivia made me laugh the entire time! She is soooo cute! Olivia ran around chasing birds, riding the ducks, smelling the tulips and laughing hysterically with her Mom; it was a great morning. ( even if it did […]