Our Baby Girl’s Blue Nursery – Forever Almost Done

I wanted to share Millie’s bedroom for a while now… but, it always seems like there was more to do, more to decorate, a project to finish, something to organize, etc etc…. so, here it is! Definitely a work in progress, and definitely a little “lived in”;  a little clutter, bite marks on the crib and all 🙂
blog-1Curtains – Serena and Lily
Crib – Restoration Hardware
Chair – A gift from Land of the Nod ( and Dolly) – The back says, “Millie”

My style has always been all over the place. For example, I love the calm and classy design of restoration hardware; I adore the bright and airy feel of Serena and Lily; but, I am a creative and whimsical person, who definitely thinks of herself as eclectic… and who thinks a child’s room should have some color, adventure, and whimsy!blog-2My first idea was to frame our favorite childhood books up on the wall. I was pretty proud of this idea… however, it became challenging to find books that you love, with nice artwork, in a similar palette AND in the right size. Ferdinand was in black and white, Goodnight Moon has some really bizarre color choices… Eloise was too big, and Where the Wild Things Are was just perfect.  I bought paper books for Eloise, Where the Wild Things Are, and found a colored version of Ferdinand. I don’t think Eloise works in the frame right now…  but, I am sure we will find another book we love to read with Camille, and switch it up. “Live a Life of Adventure” I found on Etsy.blog-3Millie has to say goodnight ( and good morning) to all of her favorite things in her room every day. ( Goodnight Polar Bear Head, Goodnight Max, Goodnight Baby Hazel… you get the idea… it takes a while)
blog-4Hamper – Home Decorators ( falling apart already – but, adorable)
Storage unit – Ikea Hack! Jules stained and adhered the wood around it, and I love it!
Owl night light – Land of Nod
Cart – Ikea ( I bought a couple of these  – so cheap)
Rug – I may have bought and returned about 4-5 rugs. My UPS guy hated my guts. This is the final pick – Serena and Lily.

blog-5blog-6Polar Bear head from Serena and Lily ( LOVE IT – but, they have some cool ones at Target these days!), Mobile from Etsy ( I love these bunnies) blog-7
blog-9baskets are Serena and Lilyblog-10blog-11blog-12blog-13Sigh – I love this dresser. I ran by it on the street near Porter SQ, and asked the person to save it for me. Jules refinished it, and we just have to secure all of the knobs back on. ( one of the unfinished projects!)
The star was found by Jules at the Restoration Hardware outlet store.
blog-14Sheets are Dwell Studio. I designed the room around the colors from these sheets!blog-15A favorite page from Ferdinand, Clouds are Dwell Studioblog-16My little biter. Don’t spring for an expensive crib… it just isn’t worth it!blog-17Baby Hazel! blog-18blog-19Chair – Pottery Barn. Sure, it is pretty, but, GO FOR THE GLIDER. Trust me.
Poof – Land of Nod
Rug – Wayfair
Side table – Target
Lamp – West Elm

blog-20Jules made these book shelves. I love that they hold a mix of old and new… new books, old books, photos of Jules and I as kids, Millie’s foot prints from when she was 3 weeks old, my baby shoes, etc.


I hope you enjoyed Millie’s “work in progress” room! She seems to love it!


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