I wanted to share Millie’s bedroom for a while now… but, it always seems like there was more to do, more to decorate, a project to finish, something to organize, etc etc…. so, here it is! Definitely a work in progress, and definitely a little “lived in”;  a little clutter, bite marks on the crib and all […]

When my pilates instructor called me up to ask if I would take a few shots while she worked out with Celeste, a marathon bombing victim, of course my answer was yes. I knew just watching her workout would be an inspiration.  First off, Celeste does a much better teaser than I can. Then I […]

MY DOG IS A DRAMA QUEEN. I have to admit, this was a little sad for me;  saying goodbye to her favorite chair. (It was way too old and gross) Yes, it was her favorite lounging spot… right next to the window, and, I’ve had this chair since I lived in the South End with […]