A Micro Wedding at the Fuller Gardens in New Hampshire AHHH – This wedding had it all: A couple in love, a grandmother’s wedding dress (that just happened to fit perfectly), a garden, a beach, kids, dogs, and an epic car. Colin and Cory… what a DREAM day. Your intimate wedding will always hold a […]

I had so much fun with Alison and Rob during their very very cold engagement shoot! Tyson ( their pup!) wouldn’t wear his coat, so, he had to be snuggled a lot. Enjoy some of my favorites from their session; I can’t wait for their wedding – this NYE!!          

MY DOG IS A DRAMA QUEEN. I have to admit, this was a little sad for me;¬† saying goodbye to her favorite chair. (It was way too old and gross) Yes, it was her favorite lounging spot… right next to the window, and, I’ve had this chair since I lived in the South End with […]

Officially the strangest weather EVER during an engagement shoot! Rain, sun, storm clouds… and all at the same time! It made for some great colors, and fun shots!

Everyone KNOWS that I am just SLIGHTLY obsessed with animals… dogs in particular. Meet Cody and his bigger, younger “sister” Scrappy. Cody’s people wanted some photos of him before he had to loose one of his eyes (medical condition). ¬†Believe me, I know what you are thinking… something like, “Aw..poor little bud!” However, I’ve seen […]