About Andrea

Hey There!

I'm Andrea, someone who dislikes writing and talking about herself. Ugh. Here it goes: 

My pronouns are she/her. What are yours?

I am a wife.
I am a Mom of two kiddos that look JUST like my husband, Jules. 
I love my senior dog, Hazel. I will love yours, too. ( and ALL animals)

Why Photography?
I have always been good at math and art. Photography was just one of those things that made sense to me.

Why Weddings?
I love how every couple and every wedding day is different. Plus, it is the perfect gig for my ADHD brain. I am NEVER bored. 

What sets me apart from other photographers?
Hmmm... I'd have to say that I am very good at reading my clients. I try very hard to let their personalities show through the photos to tell their story. I get a good sense on if you are: more adventurous and want to run/laugh in photos, more traditional and want to be posed, very reserved, more romantic...etc. and of course, most are in between, but, what I try to do is to tell your story without looking too posed. I also take pride in my natural light and reception lighting.

Why Families?
Kids and I just mesh well. We just do. I love them, they usually love me... Oh, and I have two of them at home. (and a dog!) I take the photos I would want if I were you. I want to show the love ( who), the connection (what), and where (when/where) you are in this fleeting slice of life you are in!
A plus? My adorable, wonderful families like to procreate, and I get to capture their lives!

All of my kids arrived on the 17th! 
Hazel (dog) - Picked up on 12/17
Camille (daughter) - 2/17
Davis (son) - 3/17 

The hubs and I met in Art class at Lehigh University. He used to stare at me over clay. ( He'll tell you this!) We didn't date back then... but, we
re-met years later here in Boston.

About andrea

The Process

A million flowers or just the stitching on your grandmother's wedding dress... details are important. 


You could be in a fancy Newport mansion, or in a very teeny Boston apartment. As long as you have one window... we will create magic. 


Let me capture the moments big and small. You are creating memories, and I am there to document them! 


Gordon b. Hinckley

"Love is meant to be an adventure"


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