I loved these from Phil ( PJ) and Carolyn’s maternity session this December… I JUST photographed their little newborn ( Baby Grace) and it made me think about sharing these beautiful photos! Enjoy!

I loved this maternity session! Check out my many favorites from their sweet meadow shoot.

My photographer friend Heather and family are moving to the burbs… after many many years of living in the South End. So, they asked me to take some shots as a Bon Voyage of sorts! btw, Heather is pregnant. Doesn’t she just anger you how gorgeous she is?

My favorite shot from a recent NYC maternity shoot with the lovely Galit and Ruben!  

Lucy ( the Scottie) was following Rebecca and I around during the entire photo shoot. She wanted in. Once I saw that trunk by the window… she got it! Lucy looks like she is curious about the little addition growing in her Master’s belly! So cute. And Rebecca! So full of grace. She just has […]