Boston Harbor Hotel | Alex + Steve’s Winter Wedding

Seriously, I am at a loss for words trying to think of ways to describe this amazing couple and their glorious day.

I love these two! Alex’s friends sat next to my husband at a Bruin’s game, and that is how I came to shoot this wedding day. (Hubby, thanks for pimping me out!) It was serendipitous! Alex and her friends are similar to me… basically, they enjoy being inappropriate.

And Steve with that smile of his! Major swoon 🙂

These two have been dating for YEARS ( what, like 10?) but, from a photographer’s perspective, the chemistry looks like about 6 months. WaaaWooo

Enjoy some of my favorites shots of this couple, and their unbelievable details with help from their FABULOUS wedding planner, Michele Mottola.

Hugs, Ange/Andrea/Servidone Studios

Thanks to my 2nd shooter, Shawn! Love all of the shots of the guys!!

ALMOST First Look… reading each other’s letters from one another. How cute are they?!I think this is when ( me, comfy, in my down coat) kept asking Alex how she was doing… Steve kept whispering something to alex, and it was, ” why doesn’t she ask me? I am freezing!” dancing in wind tunnel + problems with veil = cuteThey missed their dog, Duke, SO much… they asked a stranger to borrow their dog for a shot!Damn ladies!Winston flowers are always unreal. 

Handsome. Alex couldn’t find a coat that looked good with her dress… I told her to bring a blanket and get cozy!

DUKE! Great escort card idea!!!

How cute is this kid’s table? cake smashing!!!This is what Alex did when she saw me pointing my camera at her. 🙂 Love ya too!EPIC photo booth. Only fell down once. DJ DEJA!  Congratulations!!!!!

             Major Vendor Props go to:

Venue: Boston Harbor Hotel ( BHH)
Dress (brand and/or boutique):  Pure Bliss, Newburyport, MA
Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Stationary/Calligrapher: Arlene Cronk – Invitations & Company
Rings: Alex’s ring made by family friend jewler and Steve’s ring Long’s Jewlers
wedding planner: Michele Mottola
Hair: Judey (Beaucage Salon)
Make-up: Janelle & Lola (Beaucage Salon)
Table/Chair Rentals & Dance Floor – Be Our Guest & Rentals Unlimited
Photographers: Servidone Studios Photography / Andrea Servidone Pelto
  1. Molly says:

    Few things. AMAZING WEDDING. Lighting is amazing. Awesome creative shots! And DJ Deja… OBSESSED WITH HER. I love working with her.

  2. Mr. Smo says:

    Andrea, The pictures are beautiful. Every photo was creative and so well done. In fact the entire wedding was fantastic. Every detail was special. Not a surprise when the bride and groom are such wonderful people, who’s first thought is about everyone but themselves. Thank you for sharing and for allowing me to be part of your very special day. Molly said it best an more succintly it was Amazing!

  3. Judey says:

    Gorgeous photos!!
    Love u

  4. bobby grass 22 says:

    Love the photos…..can’t wait to see the rest of what you have….

    Michelle Mottola..(Ben)

    I will forever remember what you and Ben have done for Alexandra, Steve, his parents Lisa and Big Steve, my wife “KK” Karen and me BobbyG….All our Love and Respect 2 u 2…for all you did to make 12/22/12 so,so…special….bobby grass

  5. Lisa Kasprzak says:

    There are not enough words to express how we felt about that day!! For everything that was done to make StevenJohn & Alex’s day so amazing! The photos are beyond amazing!!!! Michelle,Judy thank you for all you did!!
    Bob & “KK” family forever!!
    Stephen & Lisa