Little Teddy’s Newborn Shoot

Meet little Teddy… oh yeah, and his proud parents Heath & Bri.

How much do you  just love Teddy?! Ack!

Teddy is the first newborn baby that I have gotten in front of the camera that stayed awake the entire time! I loved it because it gave me more time to swoon over his big, beautiful, blue eyes.  Since Brian and Heather both have these ridiculous blue eyes too ( nope- not jealous, just secretly hate them) I think Teddy will keep his baby blues.

Heather and Brian are good friends of mine. So, naturally, I put them to work. They were my lighting assistants and “baby molders”… I have to say, they did a great job; are you guys available for future shoots?

Guys- I can’t wait to see little Teddy grow up, and become ridiculously handsome and sweet; just like his parents. 🙂

p.s. Thanks for letting me put your baby in the Radio Flyer. LOVE IT.


I think Teddy is going to be a quarterback because of this shot… mark my words!



Big yawns! Little toes…undefinedundefined

Me: “Heath, I know this is just a decoration… but, can we try and put Teddy in it?”

Heath: “Sure, Why not?”

undefinedHehe… I just adore winter hats on babiesundefinedundefined undefinedundefinedundefined This is my favorite of Teddy & Brian. Seriously?! I am obsessed.


And Baby makes three… congrats to the happy family!!

  1. sarah says:

    So sweet and spectacular — wonderful work, Ange!