Maria & Jim’s Public Gardens & Back Bay eShoot

Maria & Jim are so much fun! We giggled and meandered around Boston; can’t beat that.

I showed up in the Public Gardens for the engagement session and immediately noticed that Maria & Jim have a bag of  props with them.   (WoooHooo-someone read my esesssion tips) Out of the props they brought, I THINK the frame is my favorite….I should have bought it from them for my photo booth!

Maria & Jim were incredibly easy going, and they’re also the type of couple that you can tell from a mile away that they’re crazy about each other; absolutely adore that about them.

I can’t wait to capture their wedding day at the Henderson House this August!



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Here’s the frame I was talking about… great, right?undefined undefined undefined One of my favorites. undefinedLOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Maria makes the BEST face in the first photo here. Nice one. undefined

Crazy about these. It’s funny how people always walk in front of your camera… but, it’s hard to get people to do it when you actually WANT them to. haha

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undefined undefined It was raining here… such troopers!undefined

They had an audience for this last shot of the evening. I think they’ll agree that it was worth the awkward stares! haha


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