Shawn & Josslyn | An eShoot with Dogs and a Record Player

Shawn and Joss drove all the way from  Norwalk CT for their eShoot. I think they said, ” we are going to spend a night in Boston at a hotel that allows dogs, and we are going to bring out record player” . Uhhhh yes please!

They have the two CUTEST dogs: One big cuddly love, and another fiesty/protective little fella. I find it an hysterical when small dogs have huge personalities…

ANYWAY… here are a couple of my favorite from their session at the Hotel Marlowe, and across the street by the Charles River.


Shawn & Joss- See you on 8/4!

facing different directions pups?


Love love the reflection in the records

Seriously? My favorite. Check it on in B&W on Facebook. It may be better.

Another favorite. This little dog would be my BFF until I got behind the camera to take a shot!