Think About Your Save the Date! Here is Mine:

Ok, so, everyone asks me about engagement sessions.  What do we wear? How did you plan your shoot? Where should we do it? What props should I bring? If you have any of these questions, check out this OLD post ( with lots of run-ons and typos… woops):

This post is about Save the Dates. One thing that helped me, was to imagine my save the date in my head.  Did I want it to be funny? Yes. How did I want to want to dress? Like I always do… casual. You may have a different idea in mind!

Here is one idea that we had, that didn’t make the cut:

A photo of us crazy/silly dancing. ( we aren’t known for our moves) Maybe the front says,

“Want to see more of these sweet, sweet, moves?”

Back: “Check them out on our wedding day on 5.19.12. Save the Date”

You get the idea. Get creative! Ask me! I am friendly. 🙂


Like most of my clients, I was behind on my planning.. so, I didn’t hold my engagement session in time before my save the dates went out. Woops again. So, I took my camera, my man, and my dog outside in our backyard for our vision for the save the date.

Here is the Save the Date that happened. Front:





Then, I called my Mom, and told her about our Save the Date idea.  Her response, “I don’t get it”

Moms! Yep…she watches the office. She just doesn’t get it. Oh well.

So, we made another version for our families! Who says you have to send just one? We had one to send to our friends, and one to our families. ( I also used my nickname on my friends’ save the dates, and my actual name on the other version) BrillIant! If I do say so myself….


Other version:


So, there it is! My Save the Date! What is yours going to look like??


xx Ange/Andrea


p.s. Check out Pinterest for ideas! It’s awesomesauce.






  1. Mio says:

    I’m glad I read this, I didn’t know you guys had a wedding website set up! love it. Have to book my room soon 🙂