Yom & Jared Hitched | Ghanaian Ceremony @ Hamilton College – Part 2 of 2

You miss part one? You can ( you have to) check it out here: http://blog.servidonestudios.com/2011/08/19/yom-jared-hitched-hamilton-college-part-1-of-2/

The following morning ( everyone sore from dancing up a storm the night before btw), Yom & Jared had a traditional Ghanaian ceremony. It was my first Ghanaian ceremony, and I was so excited to shoot it.I loved all of the symbolism in the ceremony, and of course, all the vibrant colors worn. ( I actually stayed away from my normal black shooting attire, and wore bright pink myself!) After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed food cooked by the Aunties, and the beautiful weather.

It was an amazing afternoon. Congrats again to Jared & Yommy!



I have to say… Jared rocked his Ghanian threads. He looked so relaxed and chill in them! Very cool. 🙂I love this baby. Look at those cheeks! ( p.s. that shirt actually says I love GHANA football. )

Yom’s Mom, the beautiful queen.

There is always one in the group.

Family & Friends!

She said it took hours to do that head piece. Amazing. So gorgeous.

The happy couple. xxx

  1. Samantha Shepard-Guerinoni says:

    Is there a young man named Donell Hill in one of those pictures?! Lovely photographs!