Newborn Shoot | Prince William :)

Why the title? You’ll see 🙂

Meet Newborn Will. This little nugget is from two of my favorite people… Lizzy and Steve. So forgive any bias from Aunt Andrea, as I love this little face!

Um, I removed the stripe from the logo section, because it was in the way of my favorite part of this photo. The double chin.

I would hang this on my wall. Just sayin.

Lizzy had so many great stuffed animals for Will; we had to have a little party! Where is Waldo/Will?

My absolute favorite. If I wasn’t a tough Italian, this would make me tear up a bit.

(My friends are in love and have a baby OMG)

Hence the title for the blog post… finally!

It is tough being royalty; such a burden. hehe. Love it.

Will didn’t like the Milk crate as much as the Bucket. This is the only shot I got.. but, it is a goody. 🙂

Look at those eyes!

Is this remarkable? To be holding your head up when you are about a month old? I thought it was pretty awesome. And, look at the car Steve made for his little man!

Ok…Hmmm… may have lied earlier. This could be my absolute favorite. Lizzy is reminiscent of Grace Kelly here, right?

Almost the entire family!

Then one with Bean! The entire family.

Everyone loves the new addition to the family.

Congrats!!! xoxoxo

  1. Alana says:

    OMG – You guys tortured that poor kid! ha BUT – I LOVE LOVE them all. I’m slightly obsessed with the one where they’re kissing and holding Will… precious. Oh, and the one of the the bat and the baby foot – obsessed – awesome job as always! 🙂

  2. Mer says:

    Gahhhhhhhh! Thank you for feeding my obsession! Each and every one should be framed! 🙂 Such an amazingly beautiful and happy family. I simply cannot put into words how much I love them all! xo

  3. Lizzy says:

    I can’t believe how tiny he was during this shoot! We love all of them…you are quite talented auntie ange…mwah! Thanks!!!!!

  4. Matt says:

    WOW, great shots the one holding his head up is amazing!

  5. Maggie says:

    Beautiful family, captured with an artistic eye:) GORGEOUS!!

  6. Dee Mucci says:

    I am a very proud Nana. Thanks for posting these pics. They show a world of love and a great photagraphers eye. You have captured a time in his new life that I already have a hard time remembering. Was he really that tiny jsut a month ago? I can’t wait for more pics and more of his life to unfold! Amazing!!!

  7. Mio says:


  8. I am cousin (well, cousin’s wife) to Colleen whose wedding you are shooting this weekend and so I just looked you up and wow! I just love your work. You are uber-amazing and these shots of this little guy are just fab. Can’t wait to see what you shoot on Sunday. Already you captured C&M so very well! Great work! Hats off to you!!

  9. Bevan Angier says:

    OMG,,,,amazing shots… the prince pics in the bucket…even the crying one…..and lizzy and steve look amazing on the blanket…so calm and collected with Will sleeping….just beautiful….sign my up for all of them……xxxx Bevan

  10. Bevan Angier says:

    and i forgot the lips….love those most of all……xxx

  11. Bevan Angier says:

    Andrea…how can I get my hands on some of these photos? REALLY want some….send me details…..