HOLY MOLY… I really can’t handle this face. WHAT A FLIRT.  I mean, REALLY?! Careful, these photos WILL make you want to have children. ( or more) Look at your own risk. Enjoy my MANY favorites of  Connor, spawn of Beth and Griff. ( my friends!) B + M, you should make babies for a […]

Snow, lollipops, and a baby that just turned one. ( these photos were taken on her actual birthday!) I can’t even handle the cuteness. Truly, I can’t. Miss Annika, you are something special. HUGS, A  

I haven’t posted a portrait session on the blog in some time… but, I have to say, I am a sucker for snow filled sessions!!! How cute is this mother and daughter duo?! Priscilla and Ava are moving to Brooklyn, and we needed to do something very New England before they left! Enjoy some of […]

I just finished a family photo session, but, this family likse to keep their photos hush hush because of upcoming christmas cards and presents! What does that mean? I am going to share their session from LAST year that I loved! ( that I never shared – ahhh!) Get ready for cute in 3…2…1  

A little 10 year anniversary and little Vivien photo session! I think we can ALL agree that this is ONE. HAPPY. KID. ( and great family)