Will + Alison Wed | Merrimack Valley Golf Club

Alison and Will had a gloriously sunny October day for their wedding at the Merrimack Valley Golf Club. Seriously?! It was an unbelievably perfect fall day.
Alison and Will are such a fun couple… they are constantly grinning from ear to ear and just have so much fun together. ( it’s obvious) Their smiles and happiness are infectious, and you just have to love being around them!
I asked Alison what part of the wedding she was looking most forward to, and she told me ” Having everyone I love in this world in one room….and marrying my prince charming.” How cute is that?! Also, they had an amazing first dance… that was one of my favorite parts of their day. 
Alison and Will – I had such a great time with you both, and wish you the best on your move! ( Finally, you are together!)
Hugs – Andrea
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A + W’s Fabulous Vendors:
Make up : Natalie Lelless
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Rings: Barmakian Jewelers
DJ: Max Baun – C zone ( LOVE him!)
Suits: Jos A Banks
Catering: Simply Elegant Catering


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