Kaitlin & Craig’s North End eShoot | Marathons & Birthday Cupcakes

I met Kaitlin and Craig in their neighborhood… the North End!

Don’t you just LOVE when engagement sessions end up with treats? I do. ( Mainly because I get to eat a cupcake too… haha) Usually we just stop on in for some sweets for no apparent reason ( other than the obvious)… but, this time, it was Craig’s Birthday. ( Poor bloke had to spend it listening to my bad jokes) But, at least he got some yummy Lulu’s cupcakes before going out to his birthday dinner after the shoot!

Kaitlin & Craig also VERY recently finished the full marathon ( those crazy kids) in Chicago, so even more reason to eat sugar. 🙂

I am so looking  forward to shooting their wedding at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center next year! I am especially looking forward to the dueling pianos they are having in lieu of a band/DJ.

Took a few shots at this restaurant, and the owner gave them a bottle of wine! How awesome!

Obsessed with this light. This shot was a hard one… this T stop was popular!I really adore this one. Ack! So pretty

This is where they got engaged! Right by the BHH.

Which do you like better? Color or Sepia? I can’t decide… the sepia makes it feel that it could be a different era. I LOVE the heart in the background… thanks Lulu’s!! Happy Birthday Craig!


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