Kiley & Brian | North End eShoot

I met with Kiley & Brian in the North End, where we had too much fun meandering around narrow alleyways and side streets. I am proud to say that I navigated throughout my old hood quite well 🙂

Now if you asked me to find some of these cute doorways again in the North End’s many nooks and crannies…then we may have a problem.

I usually ask my clients how they met sometime in between clicks of my camera, and I swear, the last 3 couples met each other at a bar.  See? It can happen! These ones were dancing up a storm at the Roxy 🙂 LOVE IT. She didn’t think he’d call.

Brian & Kiley, I am SO looking forward to shooting your Cohasset wedding in July at the Red Lion Inn!

xx Andrea

P.S. Kiley is one of my favorite blog followers, so, I hope she enjoys this post!

I saw this green bicycle/boston truck… and had to take a shot. First shot of the shoot.

I loooooove this light!

I hope I find this doorway again. Friggin awesome. Love everything I took of them in this nook. Another thing I love about Kiley and Brian? I said, hey guys, jump into that restaurant for a quick photo… no problem. 🙂 We didn’t ask. We felt like rebels. MMMMM Cannolis. YUMMMMMM. I made them kiss a lot cause Brian said he liked it 🙂This is a panoramic photo made of multiple shots ( not a cropped photo). I love it so much I can’t decide… color or black or white? And, as it grew dark, we had to take a shot by the bright lights of the carousel.

Kiley & Brian- I had so much fun with you! How are you going to pick your favorite for the save the date?


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