Will & Michelle | Sailboat eShoot in Charlestown

Well, since we are all stuck at home hiding from Hurricane Irene, I figured I would post some nicer-weather shots! Will and Michelle just got married last weekend in Newport on a GORGEOUS day. Here are some shots from their sailboat eShoot in Charlestown ( and a bit from the North End). How did Michelle put this to me? I think it was something like this, ” We want to take some photos with Will’s other love of his life… his boat. “

I love Michelle… she is funny. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the shots, and stay out of the storm today! Andrea

I love this. Boat shoes!!!

More boat shoes.. and a little bit of smoochin’

I heart these.

These are some of my favs. Gorg.

Ha! Can you believe there was a boat here that was named, “She Said Yes” ?! Obviously, we had to take some shots near this. Officially favorite? Possibly. I love everything about this.

The North End is the perfect spot for night shots!

Congratulations on your wedding Michelle & Will! Enjoy Newlywedhood. ( yup- made that word up)


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